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6th September 2016

We are often approached by potential clients looking for support to get their projects off the ground. Generating ideas, weather for tech start-ups, property developments, strategic project development or other project development services is easy to do, and there are no shortage of ideas or people out in the world wanting to start something new.

We like being approached with opportunities and potential projects, as managing change and executing delivery is part of our DNA.

Usually the first stage of the discussions with a potential client involves signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) in order to protect their idea.

This is followed by an initial consultation where we assess the ideas being presented by the client, the likelihood of success, the support required and most importantly the organisation and drive behind the idea.


Yet, despite the good ideas and initial enthusiasm from our clients, without their focused dedication and concrete steps taken to turn an idea into reality, an idea will remain simply that.  A brilliant idea needs brilliant execution, otherwise the signed NDA is a worthless piece of paper.

Every project has obstacles which can prevent them from moving forward and one of the benefits of using expertise like fourLINK is our experience and ability to drive ideas and projects in order to push through, past or around these obstacles to achieve success.


Time and funding are often the key obstacles we see with our Client’s ideas.

The longer a project has been considered or thought about, the less likely the Client will be willing to bring in paid external support to finally execute it.  The slower a project moves forward, the more likely it will die. Time kills projects!

Likewise, to get any idea of the ground, the Client needs to be realistic on paying for external support, for example delivery experts and project managers like us, who use our expertise and knowledge to mobilise and turn ideas into results.


We push hard, we set milestones, we manage projects and turn ideas into reality.  The strategy of delivery and the actual execution of an idea is the challenge we accept, however without the equal commitment from a Client to that outcome, a brilliant idea without their full committed backing will simply fade away as another lost idea. 

We can all generate ideas, but not everyone is able to execute it.

So working with fourLINK's project development services means strapping on your seatbelt and proceeding at full speed!

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