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Immigrant Incubators

28th September 2017

Immigrant Incubators workshop September 2017

The fourLINK team have today returned from an inaugural workshop to discuss the creation of immigrant incubators, in order to support the recent arrivals into Europe.  Based on our work with SME’s, incubators and refugee accommodation in Scandinavia, the workshop was held in Copenhagen where a diverse group of professionals met to discuss the issues surrounding immigrant employment and how best to provide vital start-up and growth support.

While the media have been heavily focused on the immigration influx into Europe over the past few years, there has been minimal coverage on how to provide opportunities for immigrants to support themselves in their new country. Around the world there are many examples of immigrant entrepreneur success stories. Arriving in a new country should not mean the end of an entrepreneurship spirit, even though a new culture and different regulations can seem like barriers to success.

Discussions during the workshop were focused on defining immigration categories and how an Immigration Incubator model could function when applied to Denmark and other countries.  The workshop was the start of a new collaboration of like-minded entrepreneurs seeking to make a positive difference to society.

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